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Welcome to Parinama Insights

Every year thousands of candidates prepare for entrance exams to get into prestigious colleges. Aspirants find difficult to get answers to their questions with respect to exam. These candidates have an idea how to prepare for the exam. But in the current age candidates like to compete intelligently. Have you wondered how differently you would prepare for the exam if you knew answers to questions like-

  • How much mark do I need to score to get into College X?
  • What is the range of rank I need to have to get admission to CSE course in College Y?
  • What are the top colleges in my state that provide ECE course?
  • What courses are in demand in my state?

We are introducing Parinama Insights - India First Entrance Exam Analytics Site. You can get meaningful insights while preparing for exams as well as after writing exam while choosing courses and colleges.

Currently we have opened this tool for few exams only. We will be extending this tool for all the major entrance exams in India. The exams that are currently available are KEAM (Kerala), EAMCET (AP) and WBJEEB (WB)

For every entrance exam we have 5 main sections

  • Closing Ranks (Previous Years)
  • Top Colleges
  • Seat Matrix
  • Daily Closing Ranks
  • Score Sheet

We are also developing some other tools to help you take better decisions. Learn how to use this tool effectively in our FAQ section. We would like to hear from you. Leave us a comment and tell us what you liked, what you did not like, what features you would like to see etc.

Needless to say, please use this site for reference only. This site provides data only for reference. Choose your career intelligently with the Parinama Insights and ofcourse use your judgment.

All the best and have a wonderful career!